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What would a sparse lawn with more brown than green patches tell those who see your lawn for the first time?


What does a lawn with more weeds than grass convey to visitors who view your home for the first time?

If you prefer to give a first impression of a home surrounded by a luxurious, healthy, verdant lawn, then you may need to consider incorporating a fertilization/weed control program that regularly provides your lawn with the proper nutrition it needs as well as prevents infestation of weeds, disease, and effects of drought.

Custom Landscape Contractors evaluates each individual lawn and then customizes our fertilization program to meet its specific needs. In order to thrive, grass must have a regular supply of nutrients throughout the growing season: from early spring to fall. Custom’s fertilization program includes 5 applications:

  • • Early Spring
  • • Late Spring
  • • Summer
  • • Late Summer
  • • Fall

The best way to prevent the emergence of broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, chickweed, ground ivy, henbit, knotweed, plantain, and thistle is regular lawn maintenance. However, since these broadleaf weeds all create hundreds, even thousands, of seeds (a single dandelion seed head can hold over 200 seeds), total elimination just isn’t possible. Whenever these broadleaf weeds do pop up, post-emergent herbicides are used to spot treat them.

Still, the most efficient method of controlling weeds is a lawn maintenance program that produces thicker, healthier grass whose density crowds out the broadleaf weeds so they are unable to grow. Such a lawn program includes:

Successful weed control goes hand-in-hand with good lawn care that includes a good fertilization program.

Benefits of a Fertilization/Weed Control Program

  • • Benefits of a Fertilization/Weed Control Program
  • ○ Makes you the envy of your neighbors.

  • • Increases growth of new leaves and a thicker lawn.
  • ○ Makes more stress resistant:
  • □ Drought
  • □ Disease
  • □ Insects
  • □ Foot traffic
  • □ Family activities
  • ○ Reduces the chances of weed infestations.

  • • Increases root growth and strength.
  • ○ Absorbs water more quickly.
  • ○ Reduces chances of muddy patches forming.

  • • Replenishes lost nutrients.


The BEST part? You simply sit back and watch your grass grow!

Our fertilization and weed control programs are available throughout Central and Southern Ohio including Washington Court House, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus.