Irrigation Installation | Irrigation Repair | Irrigation Winterization | Residential


Would you like to make your lawn the “greener grass on the other side of the fence”?


Would you like to do so with little to no extra work done by you?


One of the major ways for a greener, more beautiful lawn is irrigation. No matter the design or construction of your lawn or garden, it needs water.

So if you’re ready to exchange your hoses and sprinklers for an automated irrigation system, Custom Landscape Contractors has the experience necessary to oversee your project from installation to implementation.

We begin by working with you to custom-design your system to fit your lawn and garden construction. Our irrigation technicians will then tailor our products and services to match your needs based on what you want you want watered: mulch beds, flowerbeds, lawn areas, and flowerpots.

Our installation crews are trained to properly install your new system. They will treat your property with extreme care by keeping it as clean as possible and, in the end, restoring your yard to the same condition it was before we started.

Finally, we do not leave until we are confident that you know how to work your new system: from how the controller works to how to make adjustments for the changing seasons. You will also receive an as-built cad drawing showing the controller, heads, valves, zone numbers, and backflow.

Once everything is in place there will be no more forgetting to move or turn off your sprinklers… your automated system will do this for you. Not only will your new system save you time, it will save you money.

Repair and Maintenance

Is your current irrigation system working correctly?

Is your controller properly adjusted to the optimal settings?

Since a properly maintained irrigation system is critical for the health and beauty of your lawn and garden, Custom Landscape Contractors also will repair and maintain existing irrigation systems. The timing, the length, and the frequency of the watering all need to be programmed according to the individual conditions of your landscape. Too much watering can cause as much damage as not watering enough.

Our irrigation technicians are trained to address your irrigation issues such as:

  • • Valve repair and service
  • • Broken, clogged, or leaking irrigation
  • • Emergency repairs
  • • Controller repair or replacement
  • • Adjusting controller settings
  • • Extending or replacing existing irrigation systems
  • • Spring activation

Proper irrigation repair and maintenance can avoid:

  • • Insect infestation
  • • Disease
  • • Abnormally high water bills
  • • Unsightly puddles and runoffs
  • • Rot issues
  • • Under watering
  • • Over watering

Proper irrigation repair and maintenance gains:

  • • A beautiful, green lawn
  • • Healthy plants and garden
  • • Compliments from your neighbors and friends
  • • Time and money savings for you


Winterizing your irrigation system is essential to avoid costly repairs resulting from water freezing and expanding in your pipes. Any residual water has to be blown out of the pipes, or it will freeze and expand causing damage to your entire system. Winterization typically occurs once you have finished irrigation for the season and before the temperatures fall below freezing.

Custom Lawn Contractors are experienced in the residential installation, repair, and winterization of irrigation systems throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus citywide areas.