Landscape Repair | Residential

Not only does your landscaping bring beauty and a sense of tranquility and relaxation to your home, it also adds significant value. How is it faring? How well did it survive through our brutal Ohio winter? Is it in need of a facelift?

Whether the landscape around your home is simply in need of a spring cleanup or a total makeover, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians can restore your outdoor living areas to its former beauty.

Our landscape repair services include:

  • • Spring cleanup
  • • Lawn repair
  • • Lawn reseeding
  • • Irrigation repair
  • • Debris and leaf removal
  • • Retaining walls repair
  • • Trimming and pruning
  • • Patio repair

Revitalize your existing landscaping by giving it a refreshed look that will promote its curb appeal. And by promoting its curb appeal, your home and property will continued to increase in value. Something as simple as reseeding a section of your lawn, trimming and pruning a few of your trees, or repairing a part of your retaining wall or patio will continue to keep your outdoor living areas beautiful.

Custom Landscape Contractors, located in Washington Court House, provides landscape repair in the residential areas of Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus.